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To change the application settings, you use the same configuration window where you've defined the websites.
This window is shown by useing the configuration button in the application menu.
In the second tab "Generic" the application settings are shown.


Use Logfile means wheter you want the state changes to be written down in a text file.
If checked you can define where this file must be saved. If no path is applied, the application installation folder will be used.

The timer interval is an int32 which determins by how many seconds the website loads will occur.
This means that by setting 30, every 30 seconds the application will start to try load the data from the website. This is unrelated by the duration of the actual download. If a download takes longer then the interval, it will result in multiple outstanding calls.

The checkbox "Start timer when the application starts" will do exactly as it says. The intervaltimer will start when the application is loaded.

Max Results Length is a int32 which limits the results stored for each website.
If the resultcount will be greater than the defined max, the results that came first will be removed.
This applies also to the '{Website.ID}_Results.xml' files stored in the application installation folder.

When pressed OK the settings will be stored in de appSettings of the config file.
After the configuration window have been closed, the main window will reload the stored configuration.

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